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Why Life Coaching?

Everyone needs a life coach. There is power in someone else, reflecting with you to discover the blind spots you haven’t seen and to open up your mind.

Life coaching is an important personal development tool to improve your personal, relationship and professional life. It would help if you had someone present for day to day positive reinforcement, interaction, and accountability.

Most importantly, life coaching hands you practical tools to tackle your life issues to bring about the success and change you desire.

Life Coaching will equip you with skills required to create a culture that helps build confidence, emphasize strengths, identify goals, cultivate a sense of your identity in an authentic way.

It also enables you to express yourself in a safe environment and develop positive emotions required for you to flourish in your relationships.

Who you believe you are, basically affects everything

  • Marriage
  • Relationships
  • Family
  • Your sense of purpose
  • Decisions you make
  • Belief in self
  • Your Dreams
  • Effect of others opinion on you
  • Level of joy

This is one of the main reasons why I work as a Life Coach;

My purpose is to help you have a healthy and fulfilled relationship. I will help you with a variety of real-life and practical approaches to improve your relationships.

Firstly, I will help you understand the importance of having a healthy family life. We will then move on to strategies required when responding to situations in your sphere of influence and how to communicate in a healthy way.

You will be equipped with tools required to resolve various types of conflict; family matters, difficult marriage & relationship dilemma.

You will be guided on building effective personal & professional relationships to ensure a healthy wellbeing emotionally, psychologically, mentally & spiritually.


As a Family & Relationship Life Coach, I have a system in place that takes my clients through a simple 3 months minimum process that enables you get the relationship you desire.


Having a full understanding of your identity in any relationship, enables you to have a firm grasp of who you truly are; which in turn leads to a more fulfilled and happy life; this has the power to change the trajectory of your life and empower you to achieve desired goals.

The process I take the client through has the following outcomes 

  • Leads to creating a partnership.
  • Eradicate Liimiting beliefs.
  • Live life to your full potential.
  • Increased confidence.
  • Finding love.
  • Regaining your self worth
  • Reconnect with your spouse/team.
  • Break-up recovery

How the Journey begins…

My passion is to guide you in understanding who you truly are; in/outside of your relationship and to enjoy your journey. I take you through a “Heart Experience” that helps you overcome adversity and bring out the “Gold” in you so that you create a life of abundance and happiness.  You enter into a world where closed hearts are open to receive love again.

My Life Coaching Packages

There are a number of ways we can work together and I recommend booking your discovery call with me to see which one would be the best fit for where you’re at in your journey. 





One to one Empowerment

Re-Ignite Your Relationship

Group Coaching Program



Bespoke Service



Events to Inspire & Empower you

The Whole Woman Conference is an event that covers various topics on the spiritual, physical and emotional aspect of the woman.  It is a conference that empowers ladies and provides an opportunity to network with like-minds.

My mission is to help you understand your identity and purpose in order to find fulfilment in your relationship and all aspects of life.  

The Glorious Vault

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What my Clients are saying…

To be honest, talking with you that day on the one to one coaching was a day to be remembered because I was at a crossroad which I needed someone to share my heart with and you rea... Read More

One to One Coaching Testimonial
Bolanle Abosede Abidemi

The Whole Woman event was awesome. I was encouraged by the words of the speakers, especially the marriage part. I also met a lot of new business owners who I was able to invite to ... Read More

The Whole Woman Conference 2019 Testimonial

Glory is relentless and continues to make progress Well done Glory, for a successful programme. The Whole Woman event was amazing. 

The Whole Woman Conference 2019

A marvellous day Glory. Looking forward to the next whole woman event. 

The Whole Woman Conference 2019

It was very inspirational. Well done.  Can’t wait for the next one. 

The Whole Woman Conference 2019

What a wonderful event and networking opportunity! Kudos to Glory Olamide for organising and hosting it

The Whole Woman Conference 2019

Congratulations and well done Glory. May God bless and increase this beautiful initiative you have birthed. 

The Whole Woman Conference 2019

The event was impactful and gave me the opportunity to mingle and network with other like-minded positive individuals,  it was a great plus for the day. I also found it impactful ... Read More

The Whole Woman Conference 2019

I attended the ‘Whole Woman’ event and it was a very informative evening. The event is aptly named as different speakers addressed the Spiritual, Physical and Emotional... Read More

The Whole Woman Conference 2019
Charmaine Hamilton

Hi Glory!  Firstly,  I must say you are amazing! Of course,  your course and stuff are making a huge difference!  I can say I have moved up a level!!! The new energy to get thi... Read More

One to One Coaching Testimonial
Bussie Nigeria

Glorious glow empowerment coach supported my raising my head from my situation when I was down trodden, meeting Glorious glow really helped me in getting my life back.

I am now doi... Read More

One to One Coaching Testimonial
O Abiola

Just wanted to say a big thank you for our session on Monday. 

You have given me the motivation I need to change the way I deal with situations and look after myself. Look forwar... Read More

One to One Coaching Testimonial

After having an hours session with Glory I now have a clearer sense of direction in what my calling is in life and how to share it with others. How to build what God has called me... Read More

Rose Kent
Rose Kent

This was a Fantastic event. Such a wide variety of speakers with topics that compliment each other. This was very inspirational hearing about what other women did and connecting wi... Read More

Genny Jones
Genny Jones

Great balance of teaching and practical applications. And lots of fun especially with the laughter yoga! All in all an empowering conference.
Well done to all the speakers. What yo... Read More

Lucille Payet
Lucille Payet

Lovely conference. I felt the love and warmth of the conference atmosphere. The things that were shared really empower women to go beyond just being a woman. I especially liked the... Read More

Morenike Awosika
Morenike Awosika

It was a pleasure to be invited to speak to a group of inspiring Christian women at the Whole Woman online Conference 2020. I loved the connections we’ve created throughout t... Read More

Sofia Pacifico Reis
Sofia Pacifico Reis

It was inspiring and informative conference.
I felt more empowered in all areas of life after the conference. I thank all speakers in that day.
Thank you Glory.❤?


I had a wonderful time preaching on dreams and purpose and Identity. It was a privilege to come and build up the women who joined. It was good that each speaker spoke about differe... Read More

Ruth Moragas
Ruth Moragas


The Power of Mindfulness in Stress Reduction

The Power of Mindfulness in Stress Reduction

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