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Thank you for taking the time to download the Lead Magnet; 5 Steps To Squashing Limitations. You will have a great time reading the content enclosed and I hope it blesses you.

The steps are actionable and can be adapted flexibly to individual relationship needs and you will get the feeling of achievement/a CAN-DO attitude once done.

I look forward to reading your feedback on any transformation experienced as a result of downloading the lead magnet.

Thank you.


Available for you here…

The journal and workbook includes the following:-

  • Effectiveness of Journaling.
  • The role of reflection in Journaling.
  • How Mindfulness helps in Journaling Mindfulness of Body, Soul & Spirit Worksheets & Exercises for lasting results.
  • Sheet to record your weekly progress.
  • Understanding your sense of purpose & Identity.
  • Discovering your core strengths & values.
  • Understanding your fear/Limitations. Discovering your dreams and passions.
  • Benefits of having a great support system.
  • The use of visualisation.

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