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I’m Glory

Life Coach, Speaker & Author

I am a certified family and relationship coach with real-life experiences and specialties in family dynamics, partner communication, and relationship coaching for couples and individuals going through a difficult marriage and relationship. I work as a coach to help resolve conflict in families and relationships. I help men and women from different walks of life to resolve issues threatening their relationship and marriage.

I am your relationship coach dedicated to ensuring your relationships are healthy and thriving as desired.

I’m a certified NLP & Timeline practitioner and life coach with an MSc qualification in Psychology.

I understand family dynamics and why conflict arises even amongst loved ones, and my job is to bring about a resolution. I work with both singles, married, those on the brink of divorce, and help to improve workplace relationships.

As a human and woman, I know how it feels to have your partner understand you as much as you understand them. I know how good it feels to have a great relationship with your partner. One thing for sure is if you have a healthy relationship with your spouse, family members, and colleagues, it manifests in every part of your life, including career, productivity, health, and overall wellbeing.

On this note, I make the people around me understand that it is always good to make a conscious effort to maintain peace, love, care, positive communication, and mutual respect in your home and at your workplace.


Perhaps you feel tired or exhausted about your relationship. Or maybe you are unable to build a healthy relationship with your colleagues at work. Or just maybe you are on the brink of divorce to start an independent life. I’m glad to let you know that you are in the right place. I am here to teach you how to maintain a great and healthy relationship with your partner and others and how to cope with the challenges that couples face. I address personally and support each individual to release blocks in their happiness and relationships by addressing relationship matters like;

  • Resolving old and current discord and hurts
  • Teaching how to be conscious of your partner’s emotions
  • Finding a balance between work life and home life
  • Effective communication resources
  • How to set goals and follow through

I believe everyone deserves a happy and fulfilling relationship. It bothers me if this is not happening. Therefore, I give all my strength and might to coach individuals in difficult relationships and help them create the change they desire. My mission is to spread happiness and love in the world through family & relationship coaching.

My Journey

My marital journey led me to my MISSION!  I have learned what it means to feel truly connected with SELF and to experience the joy of a life that is purposeful and aligned.  I am already complete & pour love, laughter, peace and joy into my family from knowing who I am. You can too!



I see now that everyone around me benefits too! I have more to give to my husband and my children and also to do the work that gives me my voice – we all have a message to share and a purpose on this Earth.

My purpose is to help you have a happy, healthy and fulfilled personal/professional relationship”. 

I know very well the impact of being in a relationship/marriage that does not nurture the power of SELF. It is my mission to help you rediscover yourself and how you fit in with your partner, organisation or spouse. So that you are able to develop self-awareness, to be able to really focus on your life’s purpose and family or team goals.

I do what I do because life is too short to waste on not fulfilling your purpose. Inner turmoil prevents you from reaching your greatest potential. I desire to empower you into finding your true self and achieve goals set in both personal/professional relationships. Become free to express yourself and be transformed into that confident individual worthy of love you’ve always desired!

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