Here’s your master key to financial freedom post-divorce!

In 10 proven ways, you will discover why you don’t have to go broke because your marriage failed. Get my 10-steps video lessons: 10 ways to financially liberate yourself after a failed marriage now, and discover how this new chapter can be your best life experience yet.

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You wish someone would just take you by the hand and guide you through each step in order.

You just got a divorce and you are now faced with the reality of bearing your financial burdens alone.

Before now, you never had to be alone in thoughts concerning your expenses. You even took so many things for granted, and now they seem like luxury all of a sudden. More so, you want that life back!

Trust me, I have been there. I thought I’d starve if I didn’t get my finances back on track as soon as possible. I had never felt as confused and helpless as I felt after I got a divorce.

What if I told you there was a better way?

Imagine you are back on track. Your financial health is top-notch and you can even afford to buy what you couldn’t afford in marriage.

Imagine you are now more business-savvy and are full of ideas on how to generate multiple streams of income just because someone showed you a few secrets. 

Imagine you are now at the top of your game financially and are now in the best frame of mind to decide whether to find love again or to go ahead with this new life…now that there’s no financial pressure.


10 ways to financially liberate yourself after a failed marriage

Master the art of financial liberation in 10 sure ways. This ebook shares the proven secrets I applied when I got a divorce that sorted me out financially in no time. 

No frills, no complex language. Just 10 simple steps that will get you smiling to the bank in no time, and enjoying your new life post-divorce.


What’s inside the ebook?

chapter 1

Video lessons, Worksheets and Exercises to help you understand your sense of purpose & Identity while also discovering your core strengths & values.

chapter 2

Using Mindfulness Worksheets & Exercises and video lessons to achieve financial stability

chapter 3

Video lessons to help you understand your fear/Limitations. Discovering your dreams/passions and how to monetize them.

chapter 4

Tracking and recording your weekly progress.

chapter 6

Video lessons and worksheets to teach you how to use visualisation and reflection to help you manifest your financial goals

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What past clients are saying....

To be honest, talking with you that day on the one-to-one coaching was a day to be remembered because I was at a crossroads and needed someone to share my heart with, and your advice changed things for me. Thanks so much; God will bless you with more wisdom and understanding in Jesus name, amen. Shalom! .”
– Bolanle Abosede Abidemi

Hello, I'm Coach Glory Olamide

I am a certified family and relationship coach with real-life experiences and specialities in family dynamics, partner communication, and relationship coaching for couples and individuals going through a difficult marriage and relationship. 

I work as a coach to help resolve conflicts in families and relationships and sometimes when this doesn’t happen, a woman might need to gain financial liberation. I have helped several women rewire their subconscious to achieve their financial dreams


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What past clients are saying...

The Whole Woman event was awesome. I was encouraged by the words of the speakers, especially the marriage part. I also met a lot of new business owners who I was able to invite to the celebrations of Black History this month.”
– Victoria

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