discover your feminine energy and use it to attract a life partner

Ready to unlock your feminine energy as a dashing single woman?

Unlocking your feminine energy is the key to making you the living dream of any life partner, and this course is designed to help you do just that!

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I understand that you feel there’s more to you than meets the eye; but isn’t it frustrating enough not to know in exact terms what differentiates you from others — to know that x-factor that makes you tick uniquely?

Does this sound like you?

You’ve tried everything like reading a ton of books, hoping that one would point to that one attribute that sets you apart. I know how annoying it can be to feel like no subject matter expert understands your case.

You’re tired of wasting time, money, and energy on methods that give you zero results. This is especially frustrating when resources are limited and time is ticking.

You do a ton of work on unlocking your hidden feminine potential, but you’re simply NOT seeing the results, and it seems that your friends are having a blast at maximizing their potential, leaving you a little envious of them, sometimes. Don’t beat yourself. I’ve been there!

You’re not sure another course will help you. Agreed, you think you’ve attended one too many, have read so many self-help books that you can also recite them word for word, yet, no results. 

You are not alone

You are experiencing this problem because…

You haven’t taken the time to understand that there are other mature single women like you who made conscious efforts to seek help in the right place and got an amazing result. By “amazing result”, I mean, they are now spending the rest of their lives with the partner of their dream.

It can happen to you as well, provided you seek guidance from someone who had a similar experience, surmounted and can empathize by revealing the secret to unlocking your feminine energy as the first step towards attracting a life partner with your self-respect intact.

The journey to self-discovery was a fulfilling one for me, and it made me better able to find a life partner


How to Discover Your Feminine Energy and Use It To Attract a Life Partner:

This is a tried and trusted course that will unlock your hidden feminine potential, and make you
a superstar life partner

Benefits of the course...


Become more mindful and break unhelpful patterns.


Understand where the blocks are coming from and start the transformation process


  • Get a firm and structured push towards unlearning damage done by your inner critic.


Make changes from the subconscious level and be renewed.


Learn how to be in the right frame of mind to decide what the best course of action is and to take it.


Feel better, Communicate your needs better and become secure in yourself;

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Ready to Discover Your Feminine Energy And Use It To Attract A Life Partner?

This course is for you if:


WHAT clients ARE SAYING...

“Lovely conference. I felt the love and warmth of the conference atmosphere. The things that
were shared really empower women to go beyond just being a woman. I especially liked the
laughter activity ?. A merry heart indeed does good like medicine…”

– Morenike Awosika

Hello, I'm Glory Olamide

I am a certified family and relationship coach with real-life experiences and specialities in family dynamics, partner communication, and relationship coaching for couples and individuals going through a difficult marriage and relationship. I work as a coach to help resolve conflicts in families and relationships. I help men and women from different walks of life to resolve issues threatening their relationship and marriage.

I am a certified NLP & Timeline practitioner dedicated to ensuring your relationships are healthy and thriving as desired. I earned an MSc in Psychology. Furthermore, I understand family dynamics and why conflict arises even amongst loved ones, and my job is to bring about a resolution. I work with both singles, married, those on the brink of divorce, and help to improve workplace relationships.

As a human and woman, I know how it feels to have your partner understand you as much as you understand them. I know how good it feels to have a great relationship with your partner. One thing for sure is if you have a healthy relationship with your spouse, family members, and colleagues, it manifests in every part of your life, including career, productivity, health, and overall well being.

I specifically created this course to help matured, single women take control of their minds and use their feminine power to design the lives of their desires.


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“Lovely conference. I felt the love and warmth of the conference atmosphere. The things that were shared really empower women to go beyond just being a woman. I especially liked the laughter activity ?. A merry heart indeed does good like medicine…”
Morenike Awosika

You're just one step away

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