How To Transform Your Challenges Into Possibilities Without The Crippling Anxiety

June 10, 2020


If you are a Marvel Comics superhero fan; then you must have seen Avengers Endgame by now; an American superhero film released in April last year.

  • Towards the end, one of the bad guys challenged the Avengers to their last fight.  The bad guys’ quest was to destroy everything in the universe, while the Avengers wanted to save the world and bring their loved ones who had died, back to life.
  • However, saving the world was dependent on who got the hand glove with the life saving stones first!  Whoever got the glove had to put it on and flick their fingers in order to get their hearts desires; ‘Destruction’ or ‘Restoration’.
  • Who do you think got the glove at the end?  Was the universe saved or completely destroyed?  Watch it to find out!
  • That movie got me thinking about life!  You have everything at your finger tips; you can either create a world where everything works for you or create a world where there is chaos.
  • How you may ask?
  • It all begins in your mind!  Your actions follow your thought patterns; whether you want life or chaos.  As you think, so you become.

  • What challenges are you facing today?  It is time to create the life you really want and transform those challenges into possibilities/opportunities by transforming your thoughts.
  • So, what type of world will you intentionally create from now on?  Will you get the result of the bad guys in ‘Endgame’ or will you get the result of ‘The Avengers’?  It all comes at a price but it is worth it!
  • What type of atmosphere are you creating in your personal life or at work?

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Catch those thoughts before they become your reality.



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