Yearly Coaching Program

The Fortified Married Program

As a relationship coach, my duty is to empower you with the consciousness to make your relationship work. I set the tone and create a safe place for you and your partner to express your truth in a way that you understand each other. 

In my years of being a Life & relationship coach, It has become clear to me that there is no one size fits all in relationship and marriage matters. We are all different people, and so do our relationships vary. So, I have a variety of approaches, depending on your specific problems. My coaching is tailored to individual needs to ensure that I help each client reach their goal.


I can be your relationship coach if you…

  • Have an unfulfilling marriage 
  • You and your spouse now see yourselves as mere roommates 
  • Have trouble communicating your love to your spouse 
  • Want to learn how to manage and discuss issues with your spouse 
  • Want to learn to enjoy a more intimate relationship with your spouse. 
  • Want to reignite the spark of companionship and romance in your marriage.
  • Seek relationship advice for marriage preparation.
  • Are struggling to enjoy your relationship 
  • Feel you or your spouse have grown cold
  • Are on the brink of divorce


Perhaps you are going through any of these issues right now.

You are not alone.

I implore you to work with me to experience a change, light up the fire of your love again, and learn to build positive relationships and create a loving atmosphere in your home. 

I guide individuals and couples looking to be more open to each other on the path to go. My goal is to help resolve conflict and uncover hidden emotions. If a healthy relationship is what you deeply crave and are ready to make changes in your relationship dynamics with your spouse, work with me on this journey! 

Is there tension in your home and you cannot believe that life could be this way with the person you once considered as the love of your life?

  • Your environment is toxic and you are only tolerating your partner for various reasons; you don’t want to be seen as a failure, culture, status, society & children.
  • Do you find that you are always arguing and can’t seem to resolve problems amicably?
  • You often see your spouse as a hindrance to your success and regret getting into the union?  
  • Do you wish that there’s  a  way out of the problems?
  • Do you desire for things to change?
  • Are you physically in your home but absent emotionally, psychologically and mentally?
  • Does your marital problem affect your productivity at work and other relationships?
  • Do you feel fear at the thought of leaving your marriage because of inability to cope financially?
  • Do you feel trapped?
  • Do you feel it is best to leave a toxic relationship because of the children or stay because of them?
  • Have you shut down in your marriage?
  • Do you want to break unhealthy patterns?
  • Are you both living like housemates?
  • Do you understand the effect of divorce on the children?

Then,’The Fortified Married 6 months program is for you.

You have the opportunity to salvage your relationship before it’s too late!  You are armed with tools to help you see and resolve issues as ‘we’ and throw the ‘I’ out of the window.

Save yourself the agony of finding another home, moving the children from their schools etc

For couples who want to salvage their relationship…

  •         Resolve issues that seem to hinder you before it is too late!


Payment Plans Available

My Journey

I know exactly how you are feeling!  I have sat exactly where you are right now… I have been married, divorced, being a single mother of 3 adorable children and married again, to the same man!  It wasn’t easy making these life changing decisions but having a great support system helped me.  You are not alone.  That is why I have a passion to help foster healthy relationships filled with respect for one another in order to save you the heartache.  Divorce court fees are expensive!  Let us save you that expense and stress!

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The Whole Woman Conference 2019

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The Whole Woman Conference 2019

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The Whole Woman Conference 2019

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The Whole Woman Conference 2019

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