Hello, Im Coach Glory...

I can help you achieve fulfilment with yourself and in your relationship.

I am a certified family and relationship coach with real-life experiences and specialities in family dynamics, partner communication, and relationship coaching for couples and individuals going through a difficult marriage and relationship. I work as a coach to help resolve conflicts in families and relationships. I help men and women from different walks of life to resolve issues threatening their relationship and marriage.

I am a certified NLP & Timeline practitioner dedicated to ensuring your relationships are healthy and thriving as desired. I earned an MSc in Psychology. Furthermore, I understand family dynamics and why conflict arises even amongst loved ones, and my job is to bring about a resolution. I work with both singles, married, those on the brink of divorce, and help to improve workplace relationships.

As a human and woman, I know how it feels to have your partner understand you as much as you understand them. I know how good it feels to have a great relationship with your partner. One thing for sure is if you have a healthy relationship with your spouse, family members, and colleagues, it manifests in every part of your life, including career, productivity, health, and overall wellbeing.

On this note, I have carefully created these offers to help every woman in every relationship phase achieve fulfilment. Go ahead and enrol in the offer that best suits you.

Cheers to a beautiful life.

Vision Board Minicourse



$97.00 $27.00

Financial Stability And Journal Workbook


Mindfulness Audio For The Matured Singles



$97.00 $27.00

10 Ways To Financially Liberate Yourself After A Failed Marriage


SELF DISCOVERY - 8 weeks group coaching program with weekly meetings


How To Discover Your Feminine Energy And Use It To Attract A Life Partner

$97.00 $50.00

Learn How To Rekindle The Love And Passion In Your Marriage


Before I Do Singles Workshop

$97.00 $47.00



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