To go far in life, you need to discover yourself, first.

Self-discovery is no rocket science provided you master the secret, and that’s exactly what this coaching service will achieve for you! 

8 weeks group coaching program with weekly meetings

I know what it’s like to be confused, not knowing why you were made for. You know you are a masterpiece of the Creator, but, you just can’t figure out where you fit in.

Does this sound like you?

You’ve tried everything like attending seminars, reading several books and seeking answers from thought leaders on those nagging questions about yourself. I know how frustrating it is to think your challenge is one of a kind.

You’re tired of wasting time, money, and energy on methods that give you zero results. Worse, you don’t have all the money in the world for trying, failing and then trying again. 

You do a ton of work on developing yourself, but you just don’t have a firm grasp on what makes you tick, making you feel like you’re building a house without a foundation. It seems off and, frankly, impractical.

You’re not sure another course will help you. Agreed, you think you’ve attended one too many, have read so many self-help books that you can also recite them word for word, yet, no results. Sounds familiar?

You're not alone

You’re experiencing this problem because...

You haven’t defined the starting point for seeking the knowledge of who you are. As a unique individual, you need to understand the strength and importance of your uniqueness and know that there are no two paths in life that are alike.

The other reason you’re experiencing this problem is that you, sicnerely, think you are like everyone else. No you’re not. Are two finger prints alike? No. Even the most identical twins are still different in many ways.

Imagine the Possibility

What if I told you there was a better way?

Imagine what it would be like to be confident in your abilities, knowing that there’s are no two people like you on the planet. Imagine you have a broader perspective on why you were created, what you are meant to do for others, and the unique abilities that make it easier for you.

Think about the possibility of a confident, unique and courageous you, backed by the knowledge of your abilities.

Your life before the coaching:

Your life after the coaching:



This is a tried and trusted course that will help you discover yourself, and make you a superstar in life.

8 weeks group coaching program with weekly meetings

Bonuses (value $997)

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A $197 value

Mindfulness Audio

Accepting your present feelings and coming to terms with the present challenge, helps in problem-solving. In this bonus audio, you will learn more about being mindful and sincere with your current situation and how to deal with it.


A $147 value

The Vision Board For Matured Single

This bonus vision board will help you set clear goals for yourself ahead of marriage. That way, you’ll know what to expect as a life partner and know how to hit the ground.

Plus, You'll also get

The support you will have access to

Live Group Call

Get full access to live group calls that will ensure you are never alone in the journey of self-dsicovery.

Facebook Group

Join a community of likeminds where you’ll get answers to those burning questions.

Workbook & Checklist

Get a free workbook and checklist

That’s a Total Value of over $1,500

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“Lovely conference. I felt the love and warmth of the conference atmosphere. The things that were shared really empower women to go beyond just being a woman. I especially liked the laughter activity ?. A merry heart indeed does good like medicine…
Morenike Awosika


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Meet Your Coach

Hello, I'm Glory Olamide

I am a certified family and relationship coach with real-life experiences and specialities in family dynamics, partner communication, and relationship coaching for couples and individuals going through a difficult marriage and relationship. I work as a coach to help resolve conflicts in families and relationships. I help men and women from different walks of life to resolve issues threatening their relationship and marriage.

I am a certified NLP & Timeline practitioner dedicated to ensuring your relationships are healthy and thriving as desired. I earned an MSc in Psychology. Furthermore, I understand family dynamics and why conflict arises even amongst loved ones, and my job is to bring about a resolution. I work with both singles, married, those on the brink of divorce, and help to improve workplace relationships.

As a human and woman, I know how it feels to have your partner understand you as much as you understand them. I know how good it feels to have a great relationship with your partner. One thing for sure is if you have a healthy relationship with your spouse, family members, and colleagues, it manifests in every part of your life, including career, productivity, health, and overall wellbeing.

On this note, I make the people around me understand that it is always good to make a conscious effort to maintain peace, love, care, positive communication, and mutual respect in your home and at your workplace.

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