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Behind the veil:
De-Stigmatization of Mental Health

Over the years, people have learned more about mental illness and the various treatments available. They have concluded that in many cases, therapy can be effective. However currently, the narrative and tone in some countries is still negative and maybe even getting worse, as individuals with mental health issues are still seen as both a menace to society and unpredictable. This book shows how education, empathy, compassion, and positive faith can combine with therapeutic interventions, by professionals to alleviate many forms of mental illnesses.

Amazon Books in Kindle and Paperback

How To Help Your Child Stand Out And Excel At School: A Practical Step-By-Step Guide (Educational Guides)
The Power of Parenting In Raising Future Leaders

Identity Journals & Workbook

Identity Journals & Workbook

The journal and workbook includes the following:-

  • Effectiveness of Journaling.
  • The role of reflection in Journaling.
  • How Mindfulness helps in Journaling Mindfulness of Body, Soul & Spirit Worksheets & Exercises for lasting results.
  • Sheet to record your weekly progress.
  • Understanding your sense of purpose & Identity.
  • Discovering your core strengths & values.
  • Understanding your fear/Limitations. Discovering your dreams and passions.
  • Benefits of having a great support system.
  • The use of visualisation.

This is an AM & PM journal with exercises and prompts to live mindfully/intentionally.  Gratitude leads to gratitude, start to count your blessings and see your life transformed.

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